Too Small To Fail: Technology

| At no point in human history has so much information and entertainment been at our fingertips. Children spend nearly a third of their lives with some form of media. It is providing our children with a richness of information that enhances their education. But, over-exposure to media can weaken a child's ability to think critically, build a vocabulary, and engage in free play. Too Small to Fail wants all kids to have access to resources that will enhance their education, but we also want to empower parents so that they can guide their kids through this ever-changing environment. Too Small to Fail is a movement. One built to change the conversation around kids in this country. We mean to create a groundswell to prompt Americans to rise to the challenges facing our nation's children. Join us. View more Too Small to Fail campaign materials: View other Too Small to Fail videos: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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