Too Small To Fail: Social Mobility

| The promise of social mobility in America is not that it be easy, but that it be possible. Unfortunately, that possibility has slipped from the grasp of so many low- and middle-income children. Income is now the leading measure of success gaps among kids. Too Small to Fail believes we must talk honesty about the income gap that infuses issues like school achievement, health and well-being, and a parent's chance to be there for their kids and then propose changes to fix the barriers so that every kid has a chance at the American Dream. Too Small to Fail is a movement. One built to change the conversation around kids in this country. We mean to create a groundswell to prompt Americans to rise to the challenges facing our nation's children. Join us. View more Too Small to Fail campaign materials: View other Too Small to Fail videos: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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