Too Small To Fail: Education

| We have to face the facts - children are facing stiffer competition than at any time in our history. With global connectivity comes global competition and, based on the way we set priorities for teaching our kids, we're just not in the same league as many other countries. Education raises social mobility, enhances self-worth, and gifts to each new generation a promise - that your skills and abilities are too precious to waste. But, that promise comes with a genuine responsibility for the current generation to invest in the next, and Too Small to Fail calls for just that. Too Small to Fail is a movement. One built to change the conversation around kids in this country. We mean to create a groundswell to prompt Americans to rise to the challenges facing our nation's children. Join us. View more Too Small to Fail campaign materials: View other Too Small to Fail videos: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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