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Too Small to Fail Announces Formation of Advisory and Leadership Councils

Washington DC—National early childhood development experts, business leaders, community advocates and political leaders will join Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and longtime child advocate James Steyer today for the inaugural meeting of the Too Small to Fail Advisory and Leadership Councils.  Too Small to Fail is a joint initiative of Next Generation and The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The goal of Too Small to Fail is to help parents, caregivers, communities and businesses take meaningful, evidence-based actions that will improve the health and well-being of America’s youngest children, ages zero to five, and prepare them to succeed in the 21st century.

The new advisory and leadership council members, who bring years of experience across academic disciplines and sectors, will serve as expert advisors, spokespeople, and leaders for Too Small to Fail, helping to promote a national discussion to advance understanding of the science of early childhood development among parents and other communities.

Additionally, the council members will advise Too Small to Fail in the development of a public education campaign focused on encouraging parents and caregivers to take simple actions that will improve learning and health for young children, and on securing business commitments to improve conditions for families.

"At the Clinton Foundation we’re focused on empowering people to live better lives.  New scientific research is helping us understand the building blocks that children need to get the best start in life," said Secretary Clinton. "Along with Next Generation, we want to make sure that we get that information out to the largest number of parents possible.  So I am grateful to all the experts in early learning, childhood development, business, and family policy who have joined Too Small to Fail. Together, we'll give parents and children what they need to succeed."

“I am really excited to work so closely with a group of experts who really care about our children, and who want to share their time and expertise with Too Small to Fail,” said James Steyer, chair of the Board and co-founder of Next Generation.  “We need real solutions to the problems affecting children now, and this group will help take this conversation to boardrooms and family rooms across the country.”

The full list of Leadership Council and Advisory Council members are as follows:

Leadership Council Members

Advisory Council Members


*In attendance at meeting