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Clinton Foundation and Next Generation Launch "Too Small to Fail" Children's Initiative

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New York, NY; San Francisco, CA – Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation are partnering with Next Generation, a non-partisan strategic policy and communications organization, to launch “Too Small To Fail,” a new initiative to improve the health and well-being of children ages zero to five. Too Small to Fail will promote scientific research about early childhood development with the goal of reaching as many American parents and business leaders as possible and motivating them to act.

"One of the best investments we can make as a nation is to give our kids the ingredients they need to develop in the first five years of life,” Secretary Clinton said.  "We will help bring together the tools that will give children the chance to succeed by the time they’re five, so that when those kids get to school, they’re able to compete, they are more able to pursue their own dreams.  That’s what excites me about Too Small to Fail.”

To provide American parents with the resources they need to help their children succeed, Too Small to Fail will work to:

“It’s economically irresponsible to think we can continue to thrive as a nation with a generation of kids who aren’t prepared to enter an increasingly competitive global economy,” said Jim Steyer, Chair of the Board and co-founder of Next Generation. “I am thrilled that Secretary Clinton, who began her work on behalf of America’s kids so long ago, is joining with Next Generation to help us create a better world for the next generation of Americans.”

Too Small to Fail will seek out and promote evidence-based, measurable actions parents can take—such as talking to their toddlers to increase their vocabulary, and pregnant moms taking prenatal vitamins to support their babies’ health,” said Ann O’Leary, Vice President and Director of the Children & Families Program at Next Generation. “The Initiative will also pinpoint actions that business leaders can take, like managing work schedules so parents can spend time with their young children, and providing education and information to consumers about the importance of early learning and early health.”   

“New scientific research gives us insight into what we can do to help kids learn and grow more effectively; new behavioral research gives us an understanding of what motivates people to act; and new technology allows us to reach millions of parents and caregivers,” said Maura Pally, Executive Director of the Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Clinton Foundation. “Too Small to Fail will bring these tools to bear.”

Interested parents, community and business leaders, and individuals who visit toosmall.org can join the Initiative and receive updates on the latest research and actions they can take to improve the health and educational prospects of children. The initiative will also utilize broadcast, print, and social media to reach parents, caregivers and business leaders across the country.

Too Small to Fail was originally conceived of and developed by Next Generation (www.thenextgeneration.org). Initial support was provided by the TomKat Charitable Trust, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. Too Small to Fail has also formed a partnership with Parents Magazine (http://www.parents.com/parents-magazine/), the premier publication focused on sharing the science of childhood development with new parents and mothers.