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We All Must Focus On Early Childhood Education

 ·  Ellen Ratner, Talk Radio News   ·   Link to Article

Covering the Clintons as a member of the White House press, I was often impressed by their initiatives. Some worked; some needed improvement, but often they were cutting edge.

When I got a call from my friend, Artie Rabin, a great innovator in business to visit with the people from the Clinton Foundation, I jumped at the chance.

Artie Rabin understood their work, and it was there that I became acquainted with Secretary Clinton’s Too Small to Fail work. It dovetailed what my magic wand wish has been for this country. I am often asked, “If you had one thing to change in this country, what would it be?”

I always answer, “If I were king, it would be to establish education for children from zero to five years old.” The refrain I often hear is, “Head Start doesn’t work.” Then I respond, “It starts too late.”

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