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These Cute Baby Clothes Are Designed To Get Parents Talking And Help Little Brains Develop

 ·  Jeff Beer, Fast Company   ·   Link to Article

Bringing a child into this world is a beautiful privilege . . . an exhausting, terrifying, messy, confusing, beautiful privilege. For anyone in the midst of guiding a newborn through those first few months of life it can be difficult to avoid falling asleep standing up, let alone worry about that child's future vocabulary.

Turns out even in those earliest of days, reading, talking, and singing to children can have a significant impact on early learning, especially given that a child's brain develops to approximately 80% of its capacity by the time that child is three years old. And, dismayingly, according to the people behind a new child development project, there is research that shows kids who grow up in affluent households hear 30 million more words than kids from low-income homes.

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