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Q & A with Dr. Pamela High: Should reading be part of a checkup with the pediatrician?

 ·  Sara Neufeld, The Hechinger Report   ·   Link to Article

Not all babies will attend day care or preschool, but sooner or later, just about every kid visits the doctor. So if you have a message you want the parents of all young children to hear, turn to your local pediatrician to deliver it.

That’s the logic behind the recruitment of pediatricians in Hillary Clinton’s Too Small to Failcampaign urging parents to read, talk and sing to their babies from infancy onward. And recently, as the publisher Scholastic donated a half-million books for distribution in pediatricians’ offices nationwide, the Illinois-based American Academy of Pediatrics released its first early literacy policy.

The organization is asking its 62,000 member doctors nationwide to educate parents about the well-documented benefits of reading on early brain development, as well as the emotional connection reading fosters between children and their caregivers. Pediatricians are also being urged to incorporate reading into office checkups.

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