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Providence Mayor Taveras honored in Washington for city's work in early childhood education

 ·  Linda Borg, Providence Journal   ·   Link to Article

Mayor Angel Taveras went to Washington Thursday to take part in a conference at the White House on bridging the word gap, where he was honored for his work on early childhood education.

The word gap refers to the difference in words that children living in low-income families hear and learn compared with those in high-income families. According to studies, children in low-income families hear up to 30 million fewer words by age 4 than those in high-income families, and learn about half the words of their higher-income peers.

The conference, “Federal, State, and Local Efforts to Bridge the Word Gap,” was the first-ever White House conference to share research and highlight ways that communities across the country are tackling the word gap — such as the capital city’s award-winning “Providence Talks” initiative.

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