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For poor kids, recommendation to read aloud is even more critical

 ·  Caelainn Hogan, The Washington Post   ·   Link to Article

The newest medicine prescribed by pediatricians is reading aloud to your child. For children from disadvantaged families, it could make the difference between graduating from high school or falling behind before they even step inside a classroom.

On Tuesday, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued its first official recommendation on early literacy development, advising parents to read aloud regularly to their children. But for time-strapped parents who work multiple jobs and can’t afford to buy books or travel to local libraries, or who are not literate themselves, the seemingly simple recommendation poses a real challenge.

“We take the books in our homes and our local libraries for granted,”  said Wendy Christian, a spokesperson for the international charity Save the Children. But for families in impoverished and remote areas of the country, who may lack those resources or have no reading tradition, the failure to read to children could hamper early development of crucial language and literacy skills.

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