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Why We Celebrate Dads All Year Long

By Too Small to Fail

This past Sunday, we celebrated the amazing dads in our lives. Here at Too Small to Fail, we know fathers play a critical role in their children’s development and should be celebrated all year long.

Recent studies have shown the positive impact fathers have on their children’s health and development when they take an active role early and often. Father’s involvement can improve children’s outcomes at school, as well as their confidence levels, problem solving abilities and social-emotional skills.

Despite this powerful impact, research reveals that mothers may often be more engaged in language-rich activities—like talking and reading—with their children than fathers.

Fathers can bond and make the most of the time they share with their children by talking, reading, and singing together during simple, everyday moments. For fun tips and activities, check out our website: www.TakingIsTeaching.org


In Case You Missed It

On Father’s Day, we published a list of fifteen of our favorite books about the special relationship dads share with their children.  Reading is a great way for fathers to take an active role in the lives of their children and significantly strengthen their early brain, language and social emotional development.

Check out the list here.


Tips of the Week

Read a book or share a story with your child every day – in whatever language you feel most comfortable – beginning at birth. It doesn’t matter how young your child is; even newborn babies are learning when their parents read with them. Point to the pictures, letters, and numbers in books. You can ask open-ended questions as you share the book together, such as “What do you see?” or “How do you think this character feels? What would you do if you were her?”

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