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Wash Time is Talk Time Launches in Oakland!

By Too Small to Fail

Making Wash Time Talk Time

Families spend an average of 2.5 hours during each visit to the laundromat – it’s just part of a regular routine for many parents and children. But laundry time can be a valuable opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage their littlest learners in talking, reading and singing, and help turn a tedious task into a fun, educational experience! 

Research shows that when parents include talking, reading, and singing as part of simple, everyday actions – like doing the laundry – they can help build children’s brains and set them up for success in school and beyond. That’s why Too Small to Fail launched our “Wash Time is Talk Time” CGI America Commitment to Action last week with our wonderful partners including Coin Laundry Association, First 5 Alameda County, Jumpstart, Encore.org, Laundry Project, and the University of Arkansas!

The event kicked off at A1 and Advantage Laundromats in Oakland, California with free laundry and fun games, books, and activities for children and families. Dozens of families joined us at the laundromats, and volunteers read children’s books including Not Norman: A Goldfish Story and Red Socks with children! One of our favorite moments was when a mother and son made up a song about doing laundry, and Too Small to Fail co-director Patti Miller joined in! See more photos from our event here

Together with our partners, we’re working to bring early literacy resources to more than 5,000 laundromats across the United States to encourage parents and caregivers to make talking, reading, and singing a part of their laundry routine!

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In Case You Missed It: “Talk, Tech, Teach” in Tulsa

Earlier this month we hosted the “Talk, Tech, and Teachings” convening in Tulsa that brought together local leaders of burgeoning or existing word gap campaigns from across the country. City officials, health care, faith-based and business leaders, nonprofit partners, funders, and technology experts came together to share lessons learned, disseminate early research findings and explore opportunities for collaboration. Read more about the convening and lessons learned in Too Small to Fail co-director Kara Dukakis’ latest blog post.

Tip of the Week

When you do laundry this week, play a sorting game with your little one! You can say, “Let’s make piles of the different kinds of clothes like shorts, shirts, socks, and dresses! All the socks go here and all the shirts go here.” 

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Imaginative Play in Action: It’s Scary How Educational Halloween Can Be! 

With Halloween around the corner, engaging in imaginative play with your child is not only fun, but is very important when it comes to fostering their language and social-emotional development.

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