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The Special Role of Moms

By Too Small to Fail

This week we are celebrating mothers and the special bond they share with their babies, which plays an enormous role in children’s early development. Maternal bonds help children build a strong sense of safety and self-esteem, which are vital to healthy social-emotional development. 

It starts with simple, everyday interactions. Talking, reading and singing about the things you see and do together is a great way to start building bonds from birth!

Research shows that the emotional bond created between a mother and her baby can help build healthy bodies and minds! How do you create this bond? By being responsive to your baby’s needs: soothing her when she cries, comforting her when she’s upset, and interacting with her on a daily basis. Lots of warm hugs, kisses, and smiles build bonds, too!

Bonding with your newborn baby is a very important and pleasurable aspects of parenting, for both mothers and fathers. Check out this great resource to learn all you need to know about bonding with your baby.

Tip of the week

Newborn babies –even if they can’t talk yet—love to hear your voice and can respond to your words, touch and eye-to-eye contact. Hold your baby close and talk with him or her. You can talk about anything: your day, a story, what you are doing in the moment. Your baby will love the attention and the sound of your voice!


In Case You Missed It

Everyday moments provide opportunities to engage with your baby! If you’re Jennifer Garner, Amanda Peet, or Lena Headey, that means reading aloud the script for your next audition!


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