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The Benefits of Bilingualism

By Too Small to Fail

Did you know? Young children can learn several languages at the same time by hearing parents use them as part of everyday conversations. While some parents may believe that their children may be confused by hearing more than one language, research shows that learning multiple languages actually benefits their overall learning and development. In addition to having a larger vocabulary, bilingual children develop important thinking skills such as the ability to multi-task and engage in more flexible thinking. Growing up in a bilingual environment can also help children learn to regulate emotions and develop stronger social skills.

Bilingualism can provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn about your family’s heritage and maintain strong ties to your home culture. Talking with your child in your family’s first language is a personal way to introduce her to your heritage and help her begin to understand your cultural pride.


Tip of the Week

You can take advantage of everyday moments to talk, read, and sing with your child in your native language. Sharing stories or songs from your childhood is a great way to start. For more ideas, check out our tips for parents of dual language learners here.


In Case You Missed it

We’re partnering with Univision through our Pequeños y Valiosos campaign to reach Hispanic parents and support their young children’s early brain and language development. Check out this great clip from Univision’s popular prime time show Pequeños Gigantes USA. Host Giselle Blondet highlights the benefits of bilingualism by showcasing the story of a young contestant.


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