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#TalkingIsTeachingTips Challenge: Talk, Read, And Sing With Your Baby!

By Too Small to Fail

We’re encouraging you to keep talking, reading, and singing to your baby during everyday moments. With simple actions like the ones below, you’re helping boost your child’s brain development and build their vocabulary, setting them up for success in school and beyond.

Join us for a 14-Day “Talking is Teaching” Challenge, where we are inviting parents and caregivers to complete one of the #TalkingIsTeachingTips every day! Let us know once you’ve completed the tip by commenting on our Facebook page, Too Small to Fail, or tweeting at @2SmalltoFail with the challenge hashtag, #TalkingIsTeachingTips. And don’t forget to share your own tips, photos, and videos of talking, reading, and singing with your baby, too. Stay tuned – we’ll share some of our favorites!

Download the #TalkingIsTeachingTips Challenge as a PDF >>