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Talk, Read, Sing: Building Young Brains through the Arts

Too Small to Fail
By Too Small to Fail

This July, Too Small to Fail is exploring how the arts contribute to the healthy development of young children. 

The first years of a child’s life are an important time for development that sets up the stage for what happens next. During this window, parents can build young brains through simple and meaningful actions such as talking, reading, and singing.

Children who are exposed to the arts early on reap many benefits. When children sing their favorite songs or read nursery rhymes, they are building their vocabularies. When they dance or paint, they’re refining important motor skills. Young children who are exposed to the arts build self-confidence and learn to think creatively and accept multiple perspectives, all of which foster creative problem solving and empathy. In fact, studies have shown that music education facilitates better learning outcomes in other subjects, including math.

Best of all, when kids engage with the arts, they do what kids do best: playing. So belt out a song, get out the crayons and the costumes, and enjoy the arts with your child. Now is a great time to encourage their natural curiosity and creativity.

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Check out the infographic below about the benefits of the arts on young brains!

Art From The Start infographic

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