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Summer Fun Offers Great Learning, Too!

Too Small to Fail
By Too Small to Fail

As the weather warms in earnest around the country, many families plan vacations and head outdoors to enjoy summer festivals, parks and other recreational activities. Babies and toddlers love to be outside, and summertime activities can be especially fun and educational for young children. This is a great time for families to make the most of the natural environment and discover new things together that promote play and learning.

There are many ways that parents can use the outdoors to stimulate young children’s senses and encourage playtime. A morning walk in the park offers a chance to talk out loud about what you see—the size of the trees, the shapes of play structures, and the colors that people are wearing. Parents can also play simple sports to encourage physical activity and to teach physical coordination, such as kick ball or a game of hide-and-seek. And babies enjoy sitting on the bare grass and touching whatever they can reach, so set some basic boundaries for safety and then encourage their exploration of the objects around them.

Even when being outside isn’t possible, summer leisure time allows for quality bonding with babies and toddlers doing simple things that both parents and children can enjoy. During summer months, many libraries offer special summer activities for families that include group book reading, music and even singing. At the local library, parents can help foster a love of reading by introducing their child to new books, as well as introduce them to social settings with other young children.

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