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Raising a Resilient Child

By Too Small to Fail

The quality of the relationship you have with your child plays a big role in her healthy development! Building a close, loving relationship is the most important thing you can do to help your little one develop resilience, the coping skills that will help her bounce back in the face of difficult circumstances. 

Children do best when they feel safe and secure: they learn to manage their feelings, focus their attention, and control their behaviors. Giving your little one lots of hugs and attention, responding to his coos and cries, and showing concern about how he is feeling is key to healthy emotional development.

 How can you help your child develop resilience through the everyday moments you share together? Tune in and observe what your child is curious or excited about. Engage in activities that build on her interests to help build self-esteem and resilience! Give your little one time to do what she is good at, and when learning something new, encourage her to keep trying again and again. 


Talking is Teaching Tip

Children develop coping skills through everyday loving interactions like talking, reading and singing with a parent or caregiver! Routines help create stability in children’s lives and help them feel safe, which also contributes to building resilience. For example, you can work to establish a bedtime routine with your child. Whether it’s cuddling while reading aloud or talking about your day, spending time together at bedtime can help to build long-lasting bonds. You can say: “Let’s take turns talking about our favorite part of the day!”


In Case You Missed It

Talking is Teaching is coming to Little Rock! We’re excited to partner with the Arkansas Campaign for Grade Level Reading, Ready Rosie, and the Little Rock School District to provide families with tips and resources to promote their little ones’ brain and language development! Learn more about our new public awareness campaign here.

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