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President Bill Clinton Celebrating Our Talking Is Teaching Playground Panels in Baltimore

By Too Small to Fail

Last week, former President Bill Clinton visited a playground in Baltimore where Too Small to Fail has integrated “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing” conversation panels. This playground is a result of a partnership between Too Small to Fail, the Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL), and the Foundation for BCPL. The bright and colorful panels encourage children and parents to turn play time into meaningful opportunities to talk, read, and sing with their young children. Messages also highlight how these simple interactions can promote children’s early brain and language development. In conjunction with the event, Too Small to Fail distributed 1,000 new books to children and families in the surrounding community. Watch our video of the event here

To date, Too Small to Fail, along with our partners at the nonprofit organization Shane’s Inspiration and playground manufacturer Landscape Structures, have worked with 83 playgrounds across the country to promote the importance of talking, reading, and singing with children from birth. These playground panels, including the ones in Baltimore, feature simple, open-ended prompts to help parents spark language-rich conversations related to child-friendly topics such as shapes, letters, colors, feelings, and nature. As President Clinton said during the event, these play areas help to “empower parents and caregivers to talk, read, and sing with children from the day they are born to help them to build the framework on which they can become everything they ought to be.”

Let’s Talk About Active Play! 

Research shows that active play has a critical role in building fine and gross motor coordination, keeping children healthy, and developing self and social confidence, among many other advantages. 

So bundle up and head to your local park or playground to enjoy some outdoor play time together! 

Tip of the Week 

Use lots of words to describe the many ways your child likes to move and play! Hop, skip, crawl, jump, slide, and swing! What is your child’s favorite way to play? 

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