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Prenatal Care Effects Felt Long After Birth

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By Too Small to Fail

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Parents focus on taking good care of their babies once they are born by providing them with nutritious food, clean clothes and a safe environment, but there are steps that parents can take to ensure the wellbeing of their children even before birth. 

Doctors recommend that women begin receiving prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy. During these early visits, doctors can work with a mother to spot problems early on, but also to provide valuable information about the kinds of food and exercise that can improve her health and the development of her baby.

For expecting mothers, prenatal care reduces the chances of serious problems like preterm birth, anemia and low birth weight. According to Stanford University School of Medicine, babies born to mothers who received no prenatal care are three times more likely to be born at low birth weight. Low birth weight can cause many health and learning problems for young children, including language delays, attention disorders and even severe neurological problems.

There are many ways that pregnant mothers can prepare for a healthy pregnancy, and get their children’s development off to a good start. By receiving regular prenatal care, eating well and exercising, a mother-to-be can improve her baby’s chances for success during the early years and beyond.

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