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Let’s Talk About the Senses

By Too Small to Fail

Let’s Talk About the Senses

Spend any amount of time with an infant or toddler, and you’ll see that young children are natural explorers, and use their senses to understand the world. From birth, your baby can detect the feeling of being held, the sound of your voice, and the smell of your skin. When parents engage their children in sensory play – activities that encourage the use of the five senses – they can help form new neural connections and build a young child's vocabulary, setting the foundation for later learning. To spark conversations about what your baby touches, smells, sees, hears, and tastes, ask questions like, “How does it feel on your skin? Is it bumpy or smooth?” Or take a deep breath together and describe the smells around you.  Whether during bath time or mealtime, you can use everyday moments to encourage your child’s sensory exploration and support language development.  Remember:  you can engage with your child in these ways starting at birth, whether they answer with words or not!

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This week, help your child explore different textures, sizes, and smells by creating a sensory table! It’s a fun, easy, and low-cost way to help your child learn and stimulate her senses at home. For some ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.



Tip of the Week


Tip of the Week

Take a tour of the living room with your child and describe the different textures! Encourage your child to feel the carpet, smooth glass of a table, or buttons on a television remote.



Talking is Teaching: Let's Talk About the Rain

Talk with your child as you play in the rain. How does it smell? What sound does it make as it hits pavement? How does it feel in your hands?


This video of little Kayden is a sweet reminder of what it’s like to experience rain for the first time. Don’t miss it!

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