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Let's Talk about Grandparents!

By Too Small to Fail

Last week, we celebrated grandparents. They play a truly special role in the lives of their grandchildren and family members. By spending time and bonding with their grandchildren, grandparents can develop close relationships and connections. 

Children also benefit greatly from their relationship with their grandparents by getting to know their family’s history. Sharing family stories and traditions with young children helps them develop a sense of belonging, boosts their self-esteem and has similar benefits to reading books. They are also portable, free, and can be shared during everyday moments and family gatherings!

To celebrate the powerful role grandparents can play in promoting their grandchildren’s early brain, language and social-emotional development, we created a new tip sheet with fun ideas for grandparents to engage with the littlest learners in their family. Grandparents who live far away from their grandchildren can try sharing some of these conversations and activities over the phone.

Check out our Let’s Talk about Grandparents tip sheet here


In Case You Missed It

Did you know you can have fun talking about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with your grandchild? Children are born curious and can learn about STEM concepts from an early age through playing, exploring, and testing things out in the world around them. When loving adults such as grandparents guide their discoveries and ask questions, it enhances their learning.

We’ve partnered with ZERO TO THREE to develop a series of videos (in English and Spanish) highlighting how to promote your little one’s STEM skills and vocabulary. Check them out here.


Tip of the Week

Everyday moments like bath time, dinner, or a bus ride, offer great opportunities to have fun talking about STEM concepts with little ones. During bath time, you can teach your child about cause and effect by asking open-ended questions such as: “What do you think will happen if you splash in the tub?”

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