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Let's Sing! The Benefits of Music in Early Childhood

By Too Small to Fail

Listening to music and singing with your little one is not only fun but can play a powerful role in helping to support his/her early brain and language development.  Music introduces children to new words, sound patterns, and more, which helps develop listening and comprehension skills. These skills help build the necessary foundation for learning how to read.  

Babies don’t care if you are a great singer—your baby loves to hear your voice, and singing together can also help strengthen the bond you share with him or her.  When you engage in music activities together, you are also boosting your baby’s communication and social skills.

Sing your favorite classic lullaby, or create your own lullaby to sing with your baby. Check out this video we created with Carnegie Hall to learn how you can create a special song for your little one.


Let's Sing Together!

We created a new page on our website to feature the playlists we created with Spotify to encourage families to sing together during everyday routines. Check it out here


Tip of the Week


You can sing at bedtime, at bath time, at playtime, during family visits, or even during daily activities like riding the subway, doing laundry, or taking a walk.  Make the most of mealtime by singing along to “Fruit Salad” on our “Let’s Talk About Healthy Foods” Spotify playlist.  Take time to look into your baby’s eyes and sing directly with him or her. As you listen together, repeat the rhyming words and encourage your child to do the same.  

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