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Join The #TalkingIsTeachingTips Challenge

Patti Miller, Director, Too Small to Fail
By Patti Miller, Director, Too Small to Fail

#TalkingIsTeachingTips Challenge

We launched Too Small to Fail in 2013 with an important goal: help give every child the very best chance to succeed in school and in life by empowering parents, caregivers, and community members with the resources to promote and support early language and brain development. 

To reach that goal, we’ve been working to educate and empower parents around the country to talk, read, and sing with their young children from birth because we know that language-rich interactions matter. Whether it’s through talking, reading, or singing, the more language rich interactions a child has, the more their brains develop, and the better prepared they are to enter school ready to learn. 

It doesn’t matter when or where you do it. Counting together in the checkout line, singing during bath time, or reading at the laundromat – everyday moments offer great opportunities to help boost children’s early brain development. To help parents take advantage of these moments, we’ve created a new series of tips that will make anytime a time to learn. We’re encouraging parents and caregivers to talk, read, and sing to their little ones during everyday moments this summer. Over the next 14-days, we’re inviting parents and caregivers to participate in our “Talking is Teaching” Challenge, where each day we will share a tip about talking, singing or reading on our social media channels and ask parents and caregivers to complete one of the #TalkingIsTeachingTips every day. Here’s what we want you to do:

  1. Join the Too Small to Fail Community

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get daily tips and resources to help turn any time into talk time for you and your young children. Check out our research and resources that provide background information and tools about providing children with language-rich interactions from birth.
  2. Take the #TalkingIsTeachingTips Challenge:

    By following us on social media, you’ll see handpicked tips from our Too Small to Fail team that will help you engage your baby anytime in fun, interactive, ways to promote language learning. See our full list of #TalkingIsTeachingTips on our website.
  3. Share Your Progress

    Did you read your favorite bedtime story to your toddler? Play I-Spy at the playground with your one-year-old? We want to hear about it! Let us know once you’ve completed the tips by commenting on our Facebook page, Too Small to Fail, or Tweeting at @2SmalltoFail with the challenge hashtag, #TalkingIsTeachingTips
  4. Share Your Own Tips!

    You know your baby best. Do you have your own tips and activities that you like to do with your baby? Share your tips, photos, and videos of talking, reading, and singing with your baby and we’ll share some of our favorites!
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