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Grandparents Give a Special Kind of Love

By Too Small to Fail

Grandparents Give a Special Kind of Love

These days, grandparents are a vital source of support and child care for families with young children. In fact, grandparents provide child care for almost a third of children under the age of five.

When grandparents spend time talking, reading, and singing with their grandchildren, they are supporting early brain and language development as well as providing rich opportunities for bonding. Sharing stories with a child about her family history and heritage can help her feel more connected to important individuals in her life.  For bilingual children, spending regular time with grandparents can help improve native language skills and exposure to important family narratives and cultural heritage, all of which contribute to a sense of self-esteem.

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Talking is Teaching: Let’s Talk About Laundry

Use laundry time to practice counting, talk about colors, or to provide a rich sensory experience. Have your child feel the different textures in the items you fold and discuss how they feel! 

Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week

Establish a regular story time routine with your grandchild and share with her family narratives and favorite memories.






This sweet video from Sesame Street might stir up fond memories for parents about the special time they spent with grandparents, and is a good one to watch with little ones. 

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