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Five Activities to Help Parents Promote Summer Learning

Too Small to Fail
By Too Small to Fail

With July around the corner, families are diving into summer. Summer brings an abundance of sun and fun, but also many opportunities for parents to engage with their children in meaningful, everyday activities that promote play and learning. To celebrate summer, we are excited to share with parents and caregivers a handful of our favorite activities that you can try with your family, either indoors or under the sun!

This summer, you and your child can…


Enjoy the beautiful summer weather with a walk or a visit to your local park. Use this time to talk to your child about everything you see along the walk; describe the color, shape, and size of the sun and trees.


Travel to new places and different worlds through books. Summer is a great time to visit and explore your local library. In one sitting, you and your child can take a walk down Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” or travel as far as “Where the Wild Things Are.” For inspiration, see book suggestions from our staff’s childhood favorites here.


Sing a song about summertime in any language. Celebrate summer with sing-alongs in English, Spanish, or Korean! You can build your child’s vocabulary in any language by talking, reading, and singing


Explore sensory play outdoors. Imagine the outdoors as a grand experiment for your child’s senses. Play with water and ask your child how it feels when water trickles between her small fingers--is it cold or does it tickle? Rub grass between your palms and describe to her its texture and smell. This type of sensory play has big benefits for your little one’s healthy development.

And lastly, finish strong with a summer reading challenge.

Challenge yourself and your child to see how many books you can finish together this summer. Reading aloud together, even for just fifteen minutes a day, is a great way to bond with your child while supporting her development. Watch your child’s vocabulary change and grow from the start to the end of summer. For a little extra motivation, you can sign up to get summer reading tips from Reading Rockets sent straight to your phone!

For more tips and ideas on summer activities, see below: