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By Too Small to Fail

There are many ways to boost your child’s early brain and language development, including activities like talking, reading, and singing. And when you bring art and creative activities into the mix, such as drawing, coloring, or even using playdough, there are great benefits! When you engage in conversations with your little one during creative play, you’re building your child’s vocabulary, and helping to develop other abilities like creative problem solving and fine motor skills – an important part of emerging literacy! By holding a crayon, paintbrush, or scissors, your child is learning early writing skills. 

But the benefits don’t stop there! Studies also show that early art experiences are linked to improved academic performance across subjects, help foster children’s self-expression, and build their confidence, too! By engaging your child in creative activities early on, you can help your little one develop an appreciation for the arts, as well as lifelong skills that can help him/her succeed in school and beyond.

For more ideas on how you can encourage creativity in everyday play to boost talking, reading, and singing, check out: 

Tip of the Week: Ask Specific Questions About Your Child’s Masterpiece! 

Asking question is a great way to encourage your child to describe the artwork he/she has created. While many parents  often say “I love it!,” specific questions like “What’s your favorite part?” or “Can you tell me about this drawing?” can help your child to learn to talk about his or her creation, as well as help your child to trust his/her own ideas, learn from decisions, and express what he/she is feeling. You can also ask questions like “I see you used blue. Why did you use that color?” to help him/her learn how to talk about his/her decision-making process on what he/she created.

You can find more tips like this on TalkingIsTeaching.org and #TalkingIsTeaching on social media.

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Earlier this month we shared five fun, meaningful gifts that will cost you not much more than time!  This holiday season, we’re encouraging parents, grandparents and caregivers to make holiday gift giving a truly meaningful experience for their little ones. By giving gifts of activities that promote talking, reading, and singing,, you can help boost your child’s brain and language development while sharing special bonding moments at the same time.

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