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Let's Talk About Early Math

By Too Small to Fail

Babies doing math? That’s right! Children’s brains are ready to understand number concepts from a very early age. Early math skills have a big impact on children’s school readiness—in fact, research has found that a strong understanding of early math concepts predicts both a child’s future math and literacy skills.

The roots of early math skills begin developing from birth, through babies’ everyday play and interactions with parents and caregivers.  The good news is, math is all around us, and routine activities and games provide opportunities to help develop these important early math skills while having fun and bonding with your little one!


In Case You Missed It

Together with Highlights, we created a digital guide with fun and easy activities that you can do with your child anywhere, from driving in the car or shopping for groceries, to doing laundry or setting the table. For example, you can introduce addition while your child is playing with blocks. Say, “Let's put all your red blocks in one pile and your blue ones in another. Now, let’s count how many blocks there are all together.” Check out the guide for more ideas—it even includes fun videos with animated tips!


Tip of the Week

Your little one’s first math lessons could take place at the grocery store! For example, you can compare the size of fruits and vegetables! You can ask: “Which one is bigger, the banana or the strawberry?” Find more fun early math activities in our new digital guide here.

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