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Developing your Child’s Sense of Humor

By Too Small to Fail

Did you know that babies make jokes before they can even talk? They are tiny comedians! Research shows that even babies can try to act goofy and make you laugh. Homor starts early and has many benefits for children's development. 

Laughing together is a great way to bond with your child, and a sense of humor can boost children's self-esteem and help them handle challenges.

Here are some helpful resources to start giggling together:

- A sense of humor is a learned quality that you can help your child develop! Depending on their age, children appreciate different types of humor. Find out what's funny to your little one so you can laugh together and help her learn to appreciate and share humor. 

- To encourage your children to develop a sense of humor, create a humor-rich environment for them. Check out this great list of books to look for at your local library.


Tip of the Week:

Children find humor in the unexpected. That's why your little one laughs when you put socks on your hands and make funny faces! Children also love rhyming sounds, especially funny rhymes like banana, zanana, fanana. You can even make up silly rhymes using your child's name.


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