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Celebrating Dads

By Too Small to Fail

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating dads and the big impact they have in our children’s lives! For the past few years, scientists have been discovering more and more about the positive influence dads can have on their little ones’ development. 

Dads can be caregivers, teachers and role models. Children benefit in many ways from having a strong father figure in their lives and sharing a quality relationship with them from the very beginning. New research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows dads’ involvement helps children grow and thrive.

A dad’s positive influence impacts children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills and helps set them up for success in school and beyond. Fathers who engage in vocabulary-rich activities like talking, reading and singing can help support their children’s language development, as they are more likely to introduce new words when they interact with their little ones. Dads can also help boost their children’s social-emotional skills and self-confidence and can influence the development of persistence, which helps motivate children to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

In Case You Missed It

ZERO TO THREE conducted a National Parent Survey and asked moms and dads how they feel about parenthood. They found that dads are excited about the positive role parenthood plays in their life: 90% said being a father is their greatest joy! Read more about the findings of ZERO TO THREE’s National Parent Survey here.

Talking Is Teaching Tips for Dads

Even on days when you may have limited time with your children, you can use everyday moments as opportunities to spend quality time talking, reading and singing together. Daily routines - like bedtime or bath time - give you a chance to engage in language-rich interactions that boost your little ones’ brain and language development. When putting your child to bed, cuddle up and ask about their day or talk together about what you’re looking forward to tomorrow. Check out our resources for more fun ideas!

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