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Bonding with your Child

By Too Small to Fail

Last week, we celebrated parents and the special bond they create with their young children. Research shows that the emotional bonds built early on between babies and their caregivers are essential: they are the first steps in promoting healthy development. Warm and secure relationships with caregivers support young children’s early development, their school readiness, and their ability to form positive relationships with others.

How do you create these bonds? Start with hugs, kisses and smiles! From birth, children respond very well to touch and eye-to-eye contact. Sharing back-and-forth conversations, songs, and stories also plays an important role in the bonding process. Babies are soothed by the sound of your voice and develop language when you spend time talking, reading, and singing with them. Daily routines such as meal time, diaper time or bath time offer great opportunities for these types of loving interactions which are fun and easy to do anytime, anywhere. Find more tips on bonding with your baby here.


Talking is Teaching Tip

Simple everyday interactions like singing with your baby throughout the day are a great way to build strong parent-child bonds starting at birth! We created this video with celebrity moms to remind parents that your baby always benefits from hearing your voice!


In Case You Missed It

We are excited to announce that we are launching our new “Diaper Time is Talk Time” partnership with The National Diaper Bank Network, Penguin and Huggies this week at the 2016 Diaper Banks of America conference. Through this partnership, we will distribute 100,000 books and early literacy resources through diaper banks in 20 communities across the country to help parents talk, read and sing with their young children every day. Learn more about “Diaper Time is Talk Time” here.

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