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Bedtime is talk, read and sing time

By Too Small to Fail

During the first years of life, children’s brains grow at an incredible speed, making sleep a critical part of their health and development. 

Research shows that young children with a consistent bedtime routine are more likely to sleep better and longer, which helps with their learning, memory, and even creativity.

You can help your toddler develop good sleeping habits by creating and sticking with regular and predictable nap and bedtime routines. For example, let your child choose a book to read together every night before bed so that he looks forward to bedtime. Pick the routine that works best for you and your family. Setting aside those few minutes together every night will help your child grow up healthy and ready to learn.

Take a look below for more tips on how to make talking, reading, and singing a fun and loving part of your family’s nightly routine.


Tip of the week

Before bedtime, cuddle together and talk with your child about your day. Share your favorite moments and talk about what you’re looking forward to tomorrow.

Talking is Teaching: Let's Talk About the Nighttime

Nana Bird and Big Bird

Sing a favorite song or lullaby to help signal to your child that it’s bedtime. Songs with repetition help teach children new words and phrases while settling down to sleep. Watch how Nana Bird sings and talks with Big Bird to soothe him before bedtime.

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