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A Message from Hillary Clinton and Too Small to Fail

Hillary Clinton
By Hillary Clinton

Since launching Too Small to Fail last week, we’ve heard from thousands of parents, business and community leaders, teachers, and doctors across the country who want to be a part of this national effort. This initiative is exciting to so many because it promises easy to understand, evidence-based guidance to help us all contribute to the success of young children in America, regardless of which neighborhoods they live in or what languages they speak at home.

Here’s what some of you said on our Facebook page:

“I am glad your focus is on children and families in America. To fight poverty, crime, and unemployment, we need awareness of the impact of family stress and better care at the very beginning of life for children. Thank you!” — Donna J.

“As an early childhood education professional, I am very excited to see this initiative. Putting all our research into real action is so important, and it has been a ‘missing link’ for many of us who do this work. Wonderful!” — Mary M.

This summer, we will start sending out a weekly newsletter with updates and information on the latest research, as well as tips for parents, communities and businesses to get engaged. Look for new research about the first years of children’s lives, including on such topics as the impact of hardship and instability on children’s brain development and health, as well as recent early scientific studies suggesting that taking the right amount of folic acid during pregnancy may help to prevent autism. We will also share specific resources that can help you take small but important steps to ensure that your own children, or those in your communities, begin life with the building blocks for success in school and beyond.

We need your help in order for Too Small to Fail to be successful. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, encourage everyone you know to sign up at TooSmall.org, and then put what you learn to use in your family and community. Together, we can make a better life for America’s children.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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