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4 Things to Know About Your Child’s Social-Emotional Development

By Too Small to Fail

Research shows that a strong social and emotional foundation in early childhood powerfully impacts children’s later attitudes and behaviors, academic performance, career path, and adult health outcomes.  Parents and caregivers can help their little ones develop social-emotional skills—the capacity for strong relationships, emotional awareness, and the ability to recognize, understand, express, and respond to feelings in socially appropriate ways—from the moment they are born. 

Because of the significance of social-emotional development for children’s life outcomes, we released new resources to help parents and caregivers understand and promote it.  Among other findings, our new report shows:

  • Social-emotional development plays several key roles in early childhood, from helping children to understand feelings, take turns, to building healthy relationships with others. It is the foundation upon which much other learning takes place,
  • Children with strong social-emotional skills do better in school because they are more focused, can cooperate with and learn from others, and exhibit fewer behavioral problems,
  • Healthy social-emotional development in early childhood leads to better outcomes in adulthood, such as improved health, better jobs, and more stable relationships,
  • Positive parent-child (or caregiver-child) interactions offer benefits to parents and caregivers, in addition to promoting young children’s social-emotional development. Quality parent-child interactions can help parents learn their little one’s tendencies and understand the feelings behind challenging behaviors, which can help them to respond calmly and consistently their child’s needs.

Tips for understanding and managing your child’s behavior

By observing your child closely, you can learn to understand and manage her behaviors and the emotions behind them.

Setting limits with love is a way of letting your children know you care about them and teaching them self-control while allowing them to stay confident and independent.

Parenting is a process and you learn as you go. It is important to be kind to yourself in order to create a nurturing environment for your child—this will only help develop strong connections with her and teach her important social-emotional skills.  

In Case You Missed It

Last week, actor Justin Baldoni joined Too Small to Fail, Shane’s Inspiration, Landscape Structures Inc., and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to officially open “Rocket’s Universe” playground in North Hollywood. 

The astronomy-themed playground features panels and signage with language-rich conversation prompts for parents and children to promote early STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), titled “Let’s Talk About the Night Sky.”

To catch a video of the opening with Justin Baldoni, click HERE.

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